Sunday, 25 March 2018

Sunday Share: 3 things I read this week that I think you should to.

I am a big advocate of certain concepts in my life. These tend to fall into the categories of Health At Every Size, Intuitive Eating and Holistic Health. If you have read my previous post about why the image of a wellness blogger needs to change you will see that I have become pretty despondent with the general world of blogging. I started to feel that everywhere I looked on my social media feeds were people telling me that in order to be healthy I needed to conform to a certain body shape, punish my body with grueling workouts and spend all of my money on expensive skin products that promised to keep me looking young. I reached a point of total burn out and thought enough is enough. The change started when on holiday in Malta I listened to Jes Baker's book things no one will tell fat girls and my life started to change. That was in 2016 and even now I am having wobbles but I feel like I can confidently call myself both an intuitive eater and a diet culture dropout.

This has been made so much easier by filling my social media feeds with people who feel the same way and I thought each week, time permitting, I wanted to share with you five things I have seen on the internet that I have really loved and fit with my philosophy. They wont always be health things, some times it may just be a fab outfit or a delicious meal I want to try but I like the idea of sharing the love as there doesn't seem to be enough of that in the blogging industry at the moment.

If I could give this article a standing ovation I would. I am so worried about the teenagers growing up today with celebrity role models as I truly believe that Instagram blurs the lines between celebrity and reality. In her Instagram post Kim told her impressionable young fans to "do yourselves a favour and get on these shakes" which is to me the most ridiculous thing to say to impressionable young girls. I know once open I time I would have followed any diet that Jennifer Aniston claimed to do and all that did was give me around 15 years of disordered eating.

With starting my degree I seem to have had quite a few IBS flares and so this list of bloggers has been a wonderful resource for me. I am trying to work on gentle nutrition but I have said before I am really anxious about too much fibre and how it affects my belly, and as a result my fruit and veg intake is currently appallingly low. I am gathering together recipes that are gentle on the tummy and I now have a few new blogs to get lost in!

3. Does giving up dieting mean eating doughnuts all day? - Laura Thomas Phd

Ok so I didn't technically read this I listened to the podcast but I think you should too! I would say its taken me around 9 months to really let go of diet culture and now I am embarking on the gentle nutrition stage this was exactly what I needed to hear! 

So there is my list of the three things I think you should read/listen to this week. Are there anything you've heard or read this week that you think I should?

Charlotte Lucy

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