Friday, 30 March 2018

Student Budget: Lunch under a fiver at Rickshaw Ricks

Finding a balance between my old life and my new is becoming a bit of a challenge. On the one hand my budget each week has dramatically decreased. On the other hand I am very aware of the fact that I enjoy eating out, especially with Kirstie and I genuinely believe that the time we spend together is good for my mental health. It gets me out the house and she does a fabulous job of taking me out of myself for a few hours! One of the things that makes this balance easier is finding delicious food at budget prices!

When we saw that Rickshaw Rick's were doing an express lunch for £2.99 we couldn't wait to visit. With options ranging from a full English breakfast, fish and chips, various pizzas and Chinese dishes there is something on the menu for everyone. 

We visited Thursday lunch time at 1pm and the place was busy! Bigger than I thought it would be on the inside it had a really nice atmosphere, no loud music playing but the general hustle and bustle of a busy lunch time. It has an almost street dining vibe, and is lovely and bright. Our order was taken quickly and as the name express lunch suggests the food was quick to be delivered to the table. 

I ordered the wok fried noodles which I believe is vegan and Kirstie went for the jerk chicken wings. Both were quite large portions which I was very impressed with! Mine kind of reminded me of the Wagamama pad Thai and was slightly spicy on first taste but I really enjoyed it. The vegetables weren't overcooked and had a good bite to them. In total with a drink my meal came to just under £5 and that fits well into my student budget! 

It did say that this is a limited time offer and so I will be interested to know when it comes to an end what the price will be but for now it is definitely one I would like to revisit! 

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