Monday, 12 February 2018

Why I Gave Up Veganuary After 17 Days and What I Have Learned.

So if you haven't read any of my other blogs, you might not know but I am a massive foodie. I will write a proper post on this at some point, but essentially after spending most of my life as diet pro in 2017 I made the best decision of my life when I decided to quiet dieting, embrace my body and become an Intuitive Eater. It has been the most amazing journey into learning what foods I enjoy after spending years trying to eat things only because they were good for me, low fat, low syn ... whatever diet rule I was following. 

So on a complete whim I decided that I would go vegan for January. However after doing a lot of my own research I decided that I didn't want to overload my system with Soy products. I am not someone to scare monger, but after having a lot of gynae problems in the past few years requiring surgery the mounting evidence that a diet high in soy was just too much for me to ignore. 

I had been toying with the idea of going dairy free for my IBS for a while and so thought a month of being vegan would be perfect to test out if that had any impact. I can now say that although I didn't actually keep up the full vegan month, I haven't eaten any milk products for 31 days and apart from the week when I had the flu which upset my whole system, I haven't had any major IBS flares so I will be staying dairy free. 

I really enjoyed the variety of meals I was eating. Towards the end of last year with being busy I had fallen into a complete rut. Having to meal plan and think about what I was doing each week got me really excited. Jack Monroes website was a complete goldmine of delicious and also budget friendly meals. 

On the downside though, I felt that my body needed eggs and fish. I know there are plenty of vegan iron sources out there but a lot of veg just doesn't agree with my IBS and most beans are a complete no go. I didn't feel the amazing energy that most vegans claim and I honestly have a lot more energy now I have reintroduced meat. I am sticking to a more plant based diet, but like I say with IBS D there is only so much plant I can stick to without being poorly. On bad days, my safe meals are things like plain salmon, white rice and maybe potato. 

Have you tried living more plant based with a chronic illness? I would love to know how you got on!

Charlotte Lucy


  1. I have CFS/ME with a shedload of gastro symptoms and have been vegan for 10 years. I also struggle with severe chronic depression and struggle to prepare nutritious meals sometimes so I have a pretty consistent supplement regime that seems to be working well for me. I take a -very- strong pro-biotic daily, and sometimes top-up with a frozen fruit smoothie with a nutrition powder added (I used Vega vanilla flavour). I still struggle with energy (no avoiding that)! but my gastro symptoms are less and I feel better knowing my vits & minerals are attended to even if I struggle to cook proper meals :) Well done for giving it a go, and I'm glad you discovered that dairy-free works for you! I love hemp milk for everyday use :)

    1. Oo I have never tried hemp milk! I find that having a supplement regime is probably the best thing to do with any kind of chronic illness. I know when I am having a bad time with my IBS D that I'm not keeping nutrients in and so I use a vitamin spray from better you


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