Monday, 19 February 2018

My Chronic Life.

I always joke that writing out my past medical history is the equivalent of writing a dissertation. Theres the things I have had, the chronic conditions I have been diagnosed with, the surgeries and then the things that doctors think I may have that I am currently being investigated for. So let me share a timeline with you: 

2003 - Diagnosed with IBS but without any testing whatsoever.
2006 - Glandular Fever (Possibly where it all went downhill.)
2009 - Colonoscopy etc and again diagnosed with IBS
2010 - Gall Bladder Removal
2012 - First ovarian cyst removed
2013 - Pancreatitis, Depression and Anxiety diagnosed
2016 - Second ovarian cyst removed after multiple hospital admissions with chronic pain. Doctor suggests PCOS or endometriosis
2017 - Third cyst removed. This one was the size of a grapefruit and the surgery was complicated by a lot of blood loss and so I ended up with severe anaemia. 

That is just an overview really. What it doesn't show are the multiple hospital admissions in between, crying my eyes out to a matron when a consultant said I didn't look in pain. Trying many ill advised diets and treatments in between. However the purpose of this post isn't to give a detailed history but more to ignore all the diagnosis. For me, its not worth my time to sit worrying about what I have, but more I want to pick out the symptoms that are currently affecting me and what I plan to do about them. As you read this I am about to embark on a nursing degree course and the whole point of starting this blog was to show how I intend to look after my own physical and mental health while juggling the demands of a nursing course. I am hopefully going to talk you through my symptoms at a later date but I am currently diagnosed with: 

Query PCOS or Endometriosis
Query Fibromyalgia.

Charlotte Lucy

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